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Upcoming Events

This page changes frequently as events are scheduled. Last updated November 19th, 2014

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  • Southside Group has a new B'Day event. It will be the last Thursday 7am meeting of the month!
  • Custer by The Books Has changed the Mens meeting on Tuesday to Thursday
  • Ferndale Unity has made a number of changes please review schedule before attending any. La única reunión Español está ahora a 19:00 el Martes

Service Committee Meetings

  • 1st Thursday each month, 5:30 PM - The Accessibility Committee meets at Northwest Group
  • 2nd Thursday each month, 6:15 PM - The District Phone Service at Dry Dock
  • 2nd Tuesday of each month - 7:00 PM Gratitude Banquet ~ at Dry Dock
  • 2ndSaturday each month, 10:30 AM - The Grapevine & Literature Committee meets at Ferndale Unity Group
  • 2nd Sunday of each month, 9:30 AM - District 11 2014 Area Assembly 72 Host Committee ~ Flyer Dry Dock
  • 3rd Wednesday each month, 6:30 PM - The District 11/GSR Meeting at Dry Dock
  • 3rd Thursday each month, 6:30 PM - The Public Information/Coop w/Professionals Committee meets at Dry Dock
  • 4th Thursday each month, 5:30 PM - The Corrections & Treatment Committee at Northwest Group


AA Service Structure Events

  • Done
AA Events

  • Saturday November 15th ~ Old Town Old Timers Speaker Meeting ~ Speakers to be announced ~ 5:00 Potluck
  • Dry Dock and Night Crawlers ~ Thanksgiving Alcathon & Potluck ~ 8:00 AM Thursday the 27th thru Friday 8:00 AM ~ Potluck 3:00 PM on Thanksgiving ~ Flyer
  • Southside ~ Thanksgiving Day Morning Potluck and Meeting at 7:00 AM ~ Arrive early ~ Flyer
  • Ferndale Unity Thanksgiving Day Dinner at 5:00 PM ~ Turkey and Ham provided - bring a side dish ~ Meeting at 7:00PM ~ Flyer


AA Service Structure Events

AA Events

  • Night Crawlers ~ Bake It Forward ~ Come bid on Baked Goods ~ One For Yourself and One As A Gift ~ 8:45 PM -10:45 PM ~ Dry Dock


AA Service Structure Events

AA Events

  • January 1st

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