Whatcom County, Washington

Alcoholics Anonymous

Meeting Schedules

Last Updated April 7th, 2015


  • 2015 INTERNATIONAl CONVENTION ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ~ Deadline for reg MAY 12 for sign up ~ web site
  • Blaine Int'l has canceled a number of meetings ~ Canceled are the Tues Noon, the Weds 7:30pm and the Thurs Noon ~ All others are the same but check the Schedule
  • Ferndale Unity ~ Nueva reunión el viernes por la noche en Español 7:00pm.
  • The Sunday Spiritual is now the Spiritual Breakfast ~ It has moved to Cedars Restaurant in Ferndale ~ It is now 8:00AM Breakfast and the meeting is at 8:30 ~ Must be 21 years old to attend.
  • Gentle Spirits is moving ~ As of March 3rd they will be meeting every Tuesday at 12:00PM at the Louisa House, 2240 Main St., Ferndale ~ Info
  • Custer by The Books Has changed the Mens meeting on Tuesday to Thursday
  • Night Crawlers now has a Open 11:00pm meeting every FRIDAY night. Birthday is now the Last Saturday of Month after the Saturday 9pm meeting

To search for meetings and specifics in other areas such as city, child care, Spanish-speaking, etc., please use the Area 72's (Western Washington) meeting schedule database.

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